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When I adopted a pair of twins, one of the first things that struck me was how many doctor's appointments they needed to go to. As we took them to all of their baby well-checks, I realised that these appointments were designed to find and address issues early before they caused other problems. Fortunately, our family paediatrician found a few critical problems that we were able to resolve head-on, and it was immensely helpful. Check out this blog for information about health care, preventative care, and helping your child to enjoy a better life. I know that some of these tips helped me, and I know that they can help you too.

Tips For Recovering From Tearing Your ACL


If you have torn your ACL, you are likely going to need surgery or physical therapy in order to get it back to its normal state. This can be frustrating for you because it means that you are in pain while waiting for the surgery or for your ACL to get stronger. Your mobility is also impaired to the point where you might not be able to play sports in the same way that you would have been able to otherwise until you heal completely, which can be hard for you to deal with. The good news is that there are ways to increase the speed of your recovery from your ACL tear. Here are some tips.

1. Start Rehabilitation Early But Manage Pain

If you have just had surgery on your ACL and are starting physical rehabilitation or you have decided to forgo surgery and go right to rehab, the important thing is starting as early as possible. You want to try to start within a few days after the surgery or after tearing your ACL in the first place. This is because it will help encourage a mindset of working it out that is going to be helpful for recovery. It will also allow you to get used to moving.

While you are undergoing early rehab, make sure that you are monitoring your pain. Some pain is okay because it shows that you are working hard, but you should never let your pain get above a five or a six on a scale of one to ten. If this does happen, take a break and then go at your rehab exercises a little bit more gently next time.

2. Focus on Range of Motion

Your physical therapist is going to suggest exercises for you to complete multiple times each day in order to regain your full range of motion as soon as possible. Be sure that you are paying attention to these exercises. Do them as many times each day as your physical therapist says and be sure that you are reaching. Try to aim for your pain to be around a four on a one to ten scale in order to make sure that you are working hard and pushing yourself each day. Regaining a full range of motion is the main goal of ACL tearing treatment and once you have that under control, you'll be able to return to the sports that you love.

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7 December 2016