Developing A Birth Plan? Why A Doula Program Could Be Helpful


If you are planning on having a child soon, you may want to develop a birth plan. A birth plan is an outline of your preferences during your labor and delivery. You can find templates of birth plans online, or the hospital you're going to may have form or booklet that you can complete with your preferences. A birth plan can reduce some anxiety because it tells the medical staff things like how much medication you'd like for pain relief, who you'd like in the delivery room, if you'd like to use hydrotherapy, etc.

12 November 2019

Sports Medicine Techniques For Parents


If you have any children who play competitive sports, you will no doubt soon become familiar with the art of sports medicine. Sports medicine is a specific branch of medicine that prevents and treats injuries related to sports. If your child is playing contact sports in school, there will likely be a sports medicine specialist on hand. The major sports that need sports medicine attention are football, soccer, softball, baseball, volleyball, and lacrosse.

14 August 2019

What Are The Best Hearing Aid Options For Children?


Hearing loss at an early age has become quite common. More children are being born with a reduced hearing ability, while in some cases the condition is the result of early childhood diseases. Regardless of the cause, it's important to intervene early. This will ensure that your child doesn't fall behind with their learning and also with their language and social development. Choosing the right hearing aids for your child is important since it will affect their interaction with the world.

4 March 2019