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Why ThermiVa Is Ideal For Vaginal Tightening


Does having sexual intercourse with your partner cause embarrassment because your vagina isn't tight? If you have been unsuccessful at doing Kegel exercises to tighten your vagina, the problem can be resolved by speaking with a specialist about a procedure known as ThermiVa. This article covers some of the things that might be in your mind in regards to the ThermiVa vaginal tightening procedure.

No Worrying About Experiencing Pain

The best thing about undergoing the ThermiVa procedure is that you will not feel any pain. You will actually not feel any discomfort at all, other than possibly feeling nervous. The only sensation that will be experienced during the process is the feeling of warmth. However, the warmth will never get to the extent of causing your skin to burn.

How ThermiVa Can Tighten a Vagina

The equipment used for the ThermiVa procedure is able to tighten the vagina by delivering thermal energy to your skin. The thermal energy is the reason you will experience warmth during the procedure, as heat is what makes the process work. The specialist will actually have the ability to adjust the heat levels to meet your comfort level. Basically, he or she will pass an electrode over your labia and on the internal vagina parts to promote the production of collagen. Keep in mind that collagen is what your body needs to tighten skin, which is why the ThermiVa procedure leads to satisfactory results.

The Duration of the Tightening Results

You can count on your vagina remaining tight for a decent amount of time after you have undergone the ThermiVa procedure. Your vagina should remain tight for at least a few months after the procedure before you begin to notice it becoming loose again. The perk of the ThermiVa procedure is that it is safe enough to be done again if you desire your vagina being retightened. The procedure can basically be performed as often as you need it, as all it uses is heat, which is not harmful to your body. 

How ThermiVa Improves Sexual Intercourse

Other than improving sexual intercourse by tightening your vagina, the procedure can also promote more moisture. You will then not have to deal with your partner having a difficult time with penis insertion and causing you pain. There will also be less friction during the act of having sexual intercourse, as the moisture will prevent dry skin from rubbing together.


22 December 2016