Understanding Health Care Protocols

When I adopted a pair of twins, one of the first things that struck me was how many doctor's appointments they needed to go to. As we took them to all of their baby well-checks, I realised that these appointments were designed to find and address issues early before they caused other problems. Fortunately, our family paediatrician found a few critical problems that we were able to resolve head-on, and it was immensely helpful. Check out this blog for information about health care, preventative care, and helping your child to enjoy a better life. I know that some of these tips helped me, and I know that they can help you too.

3 Tips For Slowing The Progression Of Knee Arthritis


Even in the early stages of knee arthritis, pain and swelling can make everyday activities harder. Now is the time to work on slowing the progression of arthritis to potentially prevent or delay a joint replacement.

Manage Your Weight

If you are overweight, your doctor will recommend taking steps to reduce your weight to prevent your knee from worsening faster. For people who have a hundred or more pounds to lose, it might be worth considering medical weight loss approaches to help you lose the weight faster and possibly improve your chances of keeping the weight off. Since medical weight loss approaches often result in rapid weight loss, you can regain or improve your mobility faster. When losing weight without medical intervention, significant changes to your diet are often enough to start losing weight. Talking with a nutritionist can hep you make consistent simple changes in your diet that can lead to long-term weight loss.

Include Exercise

The hardest part of experiencing problems with your knee is its effects on your physical activities. Unfortunately, it can be difficult to be more active although physical activity can improve the problem. Any low-impact activity is recommended, such as walking or swimming, because these will be the least painful to your knees. Working with a physical therapist can help you develop a strength-training program that can also improve knee pain. Strengthening the surrounding leg muscles can take some of the pressure off your knee.

Consider Stem Cell Treatments

Stem cell treatments are ideal to help delay or prevent worsening knee arthritis, so you may want to consider treatments from the beginning. The stem cells used for treatments are ones taken from fat or bone marrow, so there is little to no chance of your body rejecting these treatments like they would with stem cells from a donor. Once the stem cells are processed, they are injected directly into the affected knee. Since there are parts of the knee that have limited capacity to heal on its own, knee pain stem cell therapy can encourage the repair process. The goal with these treatments is to help the cartilage rebuild itself, thereby replacing the cushion necessary to prevent knee pain and stop the bones from rubbing.

When you start having problems with arthritis in your knee, now is the time to work on reducing further degeneration of the joint. In some cases, non-invasive approaches might be enough to prevent or delay the need for a knee replacement.


22 December 2018