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The Top 3 Benefits Of Choosing An Inpatient Substance Abuse Therapy Program


Overcoming addiction is a struggle that most addicts will require help with to be successful. This help can be found in the way of either an inpatient or an outpatient substance abuse treatment program. While neither of these options will be right for everyone, there are some distinct benefits that come along with choosing an inpatient program. Below, you can learn more about three of these benefits so that you can decide if an inpatient treatment program may be right for you or for a family member who is struggling with addiction.

Benefit #1: Medical Assistance With The Detox Process

Detoxing can result in a variety of withdrawal symptoms which can be both uncomfortable and potentially dangerous. While symptoms of withdrawal will vary from one person to another, these symptoms may include things such as fever, chills, nausea, high blood pressure, and irregular heart rate. Choosing to go through this process as part of an inpatient substance abuse program rather than on your own will ensure that you have access to medical personnel throughout the entire process. This will not only allow potentially dangerous symptoms to be addressed immediately but it will also allow you to get the help you need to manage other symptoms as well. 

Benefit #2: Ability To Focus Solely On Recovery

One of the reasons that many people struggle to overcome addiction on an outpatient basis is that they are still required to deal with the same people, places, and things that lead to them abusing drugs in the first place. Oftentimes overcoming addiction and dealing with the stresses and demands of daily life at the same time can just be too much to handle. Inpatient substance abuse programs allow individuals to shut out all of the demands of daily life and focus solely on the recovery process. This can help greatly improve the odds of achieving sobriety and avoiding future relapses. 

Benefit #3: Round The Clock Support And Structure

Even people with a strong will to succeed will experience moments of weakness in their quest for sobriety. There is no way to predict exactly when these moments will occur in the early days of treatment. That is why inpatient programs offer residents access to support staff around the clock. Residents will also be able to take advantage of the support provided by other residents who share the similar goal of beating their addiction. Inpatient treatment programs also help to reduce the risk of residents relapsing by maintaining a structured schedule throughout the day to limit the amount of free time that residents have available to them.

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10 November 2022