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Understanding Ketamine Therapy Facts


Technology and drug application information is rapidly evolving with greater advancements in the medical industry. Mental healthcare treatment is no exception, including treatment solutions for depression and anxiety. One of the more recent advancements includes ketamine therapy. Unfortunately, it is a lesser-known treatment that has given way to some misconceptions. Here are the facts that you need to know.

Ketamine Therapy Is Not Connected To The Club Drug Scene

In certain club circles, a ketamine product circulates for partygoers. This is a dangerous and unregulated product that has no connection to the precise, carefully managed ketamine infusion therapy that is administered for mental healthcare. Recreational products are often many times more concentrated and more powerful, which is why they can produce more negative effects than the approved therapy dosing.

Ketamine Is Used As An Anesethetic

One of the things that many people do recognize is ketamine's use as a veterinary anesthetic. Often referred to as a horse tranquilizer, sometimes people get confused about its actual function because of its use in party circles. Ketamine therapy is not intended to produce a high or euphoria, but instead to help patients relax and feel calmer, making them better able to manage their anxiety and depression symptoms.

Ketamine Therapy Does Not Lead To Addiction

If you are concerned about the risk of addiction with ketamine therapy, you can rest easy knowing that the approved dosing and administration for this treatment does not contribute to the formation of addiction. Ketamine therapy uses very low doses which are not concentrated enough to trigger any form of addiction concerns. In fact, ketamine therapy is sometimes used during addiction treatment to help moderate symptoms.

Ketamine Is Not An Antiquated Treatment

Ketamine has been around for many years, originally as a veterinary anesthetic and with some use in human medical applications as well. Sometimes, people misinterpret the longevity of medication to an antiquated, outdated therapy. In fact, using ketamine therapy for mental health treatment is a fairly recent evolution in the product's use and has proven highly effective when administered under a doctor's care and in low doses.

These are just a few of the key facts that everyone should understand when it comes to ketamine therapy for mental health. Whether you're struggling with depression, anxiety or any other mental health condition, talk with your doctor about the possibility of using a low-dose ketamine infusion therapy to help you manage your condition.


10 February 2023