Understanding Health Care Protocols

When I adopted a pair of twins, one of the first things that struck me was how many doctor's appointments they needed to go to. As we took them to all of their baby well-checks, I realised that these appointments were designed to find and address issues early before they caused other problems. Fortunately, our family paediatrician found a few critical problems that we were able to resolve head-on, and it was immensely helpful. Check out this blog for information about health care, preventative care, and helping your child to enjoy a better life. I know that some of these tips helped me, and I know that they can help you too.

Restore Balance: Signs You Need Vestibular Rehabilitation


If you're healing from vestibular damage, it's time to talk to your doctor about rehabilitation. Vestibular injuries can leave you with lasting symptoms. Unfortunately, those symptoms won't go away without treatment. That's where vestibular rehabilitation becomes beneficial. Vestibular rehabilitation repairs damage to the vestibular organs inside your ears. It also eases the symptoms associated with vestibular damage. If you're not sure you need vestibular rehabilitation, read the list below. Are you coping with any of the symptoms described here? If you are, vestibular rehabilitation can help improve the healing process.

Double Vision

If you're dealing with double vision, the first thing you need to do is get your eyes checked. If the optometrist gives your eyes a clean bill of health, it's time to talk to your doctor. Vestibular system damage can cause a variety of vision problems, including double vision. Vestibular rehabilitation can restore your vision by restoring balance inside the vestibular system. 


If you suffer from chronic migraines, now's the time to talk to your doctor. You might not realize it, but you could be suffering from vestibular migraines. Vestibular migraines can come on fast. When they hit, they can cause intense pain. And, they can give you the sensation that the room is spinning. That's where vestibular rehabilitation comes into the picture. Vestibular rehabilitation repairs the vestibular pathways that can cause migraines. 


If you lose your balance, the problem could be with your inner ear. That's especially true if you've suffered vestibular damage. The vestibular system regulates balance. If the vestibular system is damaged, you can lose your balance. Unfortunately, that increases the risk of fall-related injuries. If you've fallen due to a loss of balance, talk to your doctor about vestibular rehabilitation. This type of treatment can help you restore balance. 

Brain Fog

If you feel like you're walking around in a fog, you could have a problem with your vestibular system. When your vestibular system isn't functioning right, your brain function can suffer. You can develop brain fog, loss of concentration, and fatigue. Vestibular rehabilitation can help you overcome those conditions. 


If you're dealing with motion sickness, vestibular rehabilitation can ease stomach distress. Issues with your inner ears can cause you to experience motion sickness. That's because the vestibular system in your inner ears doesn't know how to process the signals it's getting. That's where vestibular rehabilitation becomes beneficial. Vestibular rehabilitation helps restore the way your vestibular system processes signals.


11 May 2023