3 Must-Haves For Bringing Your Newborn Baby Home


Bringing a baby into the world is a wonderful experience, but it can also be physically and emotionally overwhelming. Preparation is key, so you may spend the months leading up to your baby's birth shopping and organizing. Unfortunately, many parents are still not ready to bring their baby home for the first time even though so much time is spent preparing. With this guide and your pediatrician's help, you'll learn a few must-haves you will need to bring your baby home from the hospital.

1 June 2018

How To Navigate Medical Care When You Have No Health Insurance Coverage


The Affordable Care Act and extended Medicaid coverage was supposed to reduce the number of uninsured, but there are many reasons why some people continue to have no health care insurance coverage, even after the Affordable Care Act was passed. Regardless of reason, 27.6 million people remained uninsured in 2016. For the uninsured people, it is crucial to understand how to navigate medical care when you have no insurance. Here's what the uninsured need to know.

6 May 2018

Managing The Pain Of A Sports Sprain


A sports injury can be painful, especially if it includes an ankle or wrist sprain. Here are some steps for dealing with the pain and making sure that your injury heals properly. Rest the Injury The first step is to rest your injury and avoid causing strain. In the initial days after your injury, you can follow the rule that anything that causes pain is probably something you shouldn't be doing with your injured area.

27 January 2017

Leaning Toward Keeping Your Baby? 3 Things to Discuss in Counseling


Pregnancy can be one of the happiest or saddest times of life. If you are on the fence about whether you want to keep your baby, going to pregnancy counseling can help you clarify your emotions and help you make clear decisions about your life and future. If you are leaning toward keeping your baby rather than giving it up for adoption, here are three things you need to discuss in counseling to be sure you are prepared for this new part of your life that is sure to change your life forever.

4 January 2017

Reducing Your Newborn's Exposure To Influenza


Influenza season is harsh for everyone, especially your newborn. When your baby is sick, it can be very distressing. The winter season is a time when you might have more people visiting or going to visit other people, increasing your child's risk of exposure. While you don't want to totally seal yourself up until your baby is older, there are some ways to reduce your child's risk of exposure to the flu.

28 December 2016

Why ThermiVa Is Ideal For Vaginal Tightening


Does having sexual intercourse with your partner cause embarrassment because your vagina isn't tight? If you have been unsuccessful at doing Kegel exercises to tighten your vagina, the problem can be resolved by speaking with a specialist about a procedure known as ThermiVa. This article covers some of the things that might be in your mind in regards to the ThermiVa vaginal tightening procedure. No Worrying About Experiencing Pain The best thing about undergoing the ThermiVa procedure is that you will not feel any pain.

22 December 2016

Don't Let The Flu Ruin An Industry Award Acceptance Speech


Special events to honor a professional's grand achievements are forever memorable. Looking back at winning a top professional organization's award for marketing and sales excellence could be a career changer. Competitors may choose to offer a lucrative deal to lure away such a pro. Yes, the evening could be extremely memorable but it may end up being memorable in a bad way. Suffering from the flu might lead to skipping the awards ceremony and losing out on very important industry-wide attention.

22 December 2016

Need A Knee Replacement? Which Details You Need To Consider


Many people with long-standing knee arthritis will face a time when a knee replacement is their only option. When it is time to have a knee replacement, there are different considerations you and your surgeon need to address for the best possible outcome. Getting By With A Partial Replacement If only one part of your knee is affected by osteoarthritis, there are situations where you might do better with a partial replacement instead of a total knee replacement.

18 December 2016

Top 4 Questions To Ask An Oncologist At Your First Visit


Once a patient is given a cancer diagnosis, the next step is to schedule an appointment with an oncologist. It is important that you gather all of your relevant medical history, as well as any test results so that the oncologist can review them. After you've taken the time to put together the necessary paperwork, you'll want to create a list of questions to ask the doctor. This list will keep you focused so that you leave feeling good about the oncologist and your treatment plan.

16 December 2016

New Developments In Infertility Treatments You Should Know About


While most men and women who are one day planning to have children never anticipate finding themselves seeking out the assistance of an infertility center, for many couples and individuals around the country, this is exactly what happens. Infertility, or an inability to conceive and/or carry a child to term is an increasingly discussed problem across the globe. Because of this fact, doctors and researchers are often seeking out newer and more effective ways of treating and addressing infertility problems and helping couples and individuals to conceive and successfully carry a healthy baby to term.

15 December 2016